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Netscape Email Settings

Setting up Netscape to support your Email account is easy. Follow the simple instructions below to configure the Netscape browser to act as an email client for your ABSnet account.

Important Note

All configuration settings will be in lower case unless otherwise stated. Also the username that you enter must not have the capital "P" that you use to establish an internet connection.

If you already have an ABSnet account, and are making changes to your configuration, this important note applies to you: If your POP settings are currently set to ANYTHING OTHER THAN abs.net or mail.abs.net, please DO NOT CHANGE YOUR POP SETTING. If you change the POP setting to an incorrect value, you will no longer be able to retrieve your e-mail. Contact ABSnet support if you are unsure of what to do!

1. Start the netscape browser (It is not necessary to be connected to the internet to make these changes, you may get an error message or the computer may try to establish a connection to the internet, cancel the connection and the error message). Click on the "options" menu at the top of the screen, then click on "mail and news preferences"


2. Click on the server tab. In the field labeled "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server" type in smtp.abs.net

3. In the field labeled "Incoming Mail (POP3) Server" type in pop.abs.net
Make sure you have read and understand the important note at the top of this page!

4. In the field labeled "POP3 User Name" type in your ABSnet username

5. In the field labeled "News (NNTP) Server" type in news.abs.net


If you are updating from our old configuration and you have enabled the save password option you must disable this option and enter your mail password manually (Netscape will prompt you for it next time you try to get your mail). After you have successfully logged onto the mail server you can enable the save password setting. If this is a first time set up skip to step 8.

6. Click on the " Organization" tab from the "Mail and News Preferences" dialog box.

7. Disable the "Remember Mail Password" check box and click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen.


8. Now click on "OK" and Netscape will now act as an email client. You will be prompted for your password when you activate the mail function, once you have entered it you will have access to your email, and will be able to send and receive email from Netscape.

If you have problems Email our support center